Thank you

Thanks to you, to date The Supercar Event has raised £773,000 (figures from 2009 onwards) to give children with brain injury the best lives possible.

The event raises money for The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.

Grand Tour star and Ambassador of The Children’s Trust, Richard Hammond, has his own experience of brain injury.

“I know how suddenly life can change. One moment everything’s fine – and then it’s not.

Ambassador Richard Hammond visits The Children's Trust
Richard Hammond meets Sophie on a visit to The Children’s Trust

“It was a difficult road to recovery for me and much tougher for my family. But I’ve been extremely lucky; some brain injuries can leave a person needing constant care and long-term rehabilitation.

“On behalf of The Children’s Trust, thank you for helping these kids and their families have the best life possible. I’ve seen how this charity helps young people rebuild their lives.”

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