My Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera Experience By Glenn Doncaster age 16

Glenn and his supercar event rideSaturday 20th June 2015

Today, I went in a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera at a charity event for the Children’s Trust at Dunsfold Park in Surrey.  I sat in the passenger seat of this stripped out and yet exquisite supercar while a friend of the owner took me round the circuit.

Let me start off by saying that I was not expecting anything like the performance it delivered. I thought it would be similar to the performance of the Balboni, fast and a tad on the wild side but great fun. In short, no. It was further beyond the performance of the Balboni than I could have ever imagined. The acceleration is insane. It’s so savage and so brutal, as if you’re riding on the back of a jet propelled bullock with a rocket firing out of its bottom. The Superleggera is powered by a 570 break horse power, V10 engine that Lamborghini use in a joint venture with the Audi R8. The only difference is in the Audi R8 it only produces 560 horse power but Lamborghini reworked it to give a top speed of 211 miles per hour and 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. Now I know these figures aren’t as impressive as those of other supercars, or for that matter hypercars I’ve previously been in, but this felt so alive that you didn’t notice it had less than 600 horse power. This is partly due to how light it is.

Depending on the model of Superleggera bought, its weight was reduced by anything from 70-150kg in comparison to that of the standard Gallardo. This not only improves acceleration but also handling, cornering speed and even the efficiency of the gear changes. It also has Lamborghini’s second generation longitudinale posteriore four wheel drive system, giving a perfect split of power between the front and rear wheels.

On the three quarter mile straight it was taking everything in its stride. The way it went through the bends was equally incredible. The handling is so sharp, so fierce. It doesn’t appear to lose speed into the corners but tears round them as if they don’t even exist. There is no understeer, ever, with a handful of aggressive oversteer to reassure you that this is a proper full throttle Lambo. A car that demands respect. The appeal of the Superleggera is irresistible. I’m not going to pretend that it’s the best car ever but I will say that it’s my favourite supercar and a match for some of the hypercars I’ve been in. It also has truly wonderful styling. It has some of the best bits from other Lamborghinis, the nose from the Reventon, the diagonal air intakes of the Gallardo 560 and the splitter from the Murcielago 670. It just looks fabulously primeval and brilliantly aggressive. There is no sparing in traditional Italian supercar character, this has heaps of it. Finally, I would like to mention the terrific engine noise it makes as it thunders round a circuit. It sounds like a ferocious, thrust engine wolf growling with the voice of some Utah raptors. This car is breath taking. Its savagery shatters your mind and its looks transfix you gaze. It’s such a shame it’s out of production and I will really miss it. The Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera is an epic car and one I love with all my heart.