Q When did The Supercar Event start?

Back in 2007 we had our first Ferrari Fun Day which evolved into Dad’s Day Out. The event grew into The Supercar Event and we moved to the Top Gear track at Dunsfold in 2009 and have been there for the past 8 years.

Q How much does it raise?

 Last year we raised an amazing £115,000 after costs. The first time we ran the event we raised £3,000. So we’re delighted, and looking forward to hosting bigger and better events in years to come.

Q Why has the event moved from Dunsfold in Surrey to Rockingham, Northampton?

We’d reached capacity at Dunsfold. We loved hosting the event there, but we took the chance to make it even better – and of course to raise more funds – by taking it to Rockingham.

Q Is it going to cost the charity to move the event?

There will be some cost to us in the short term while we establish ourselves at Rockingham. The running costs are a lot less though and we now have a larger capacity so we think that longer term, we’ll be able to raise even more money than we do now.

Q Won’t you lose a lot of your loyal supporters by moving so far away?

We’re so grateful to each and every one of our supporters. They’re the real reason why the event has become such a success. When we were considering the move our supporters were the first people we thought about. We think we’ve chosen a new venue that is easily accessible and we’d love our supporters to come with us when we move.

Q Did you explore any closer venues?

We looked at just about every option! Rockingham was the one that ticked all the boxes though. Location ✔ spaces ✔ disabled access ✔ cost ✔

Q Will you still need volunteers?

Yes please! The event just couldn’t happen without volunteers. We’ll be launching a recruitment drive ahead of the event – but if you’re interested please contact our Volunteering Team on volunteering@thechildrenstrust.org.uk

Q Will there be as many supercar rides?

We think so! We rely on our volunteer drivers to make the event what it is. The number of rides depends on the number of drivers who volunteer. We’ve been in touch with them and we’re confident we will be able to provide the same number of rides as we always have.

If you’re a supercar owner who wants to get involved visit supercar@thechildrenstrust.org.uk

Q Is the venue accessible?

Yes! The outdoor space is all flat land with a dedicated internal road network to make access as easy as possible for wheelchair users. There are disabled toilets and ample disabled parking on site.

Q Will there be more parking?  

A Yes, there are huge number of parking spaces, and Rockingham is easily accessible by and well signposted. Visit the Rockingham website for ‘how to find us’ https://rockingham.co.uk/contact/find-us/

Q Will there be as many attractions?

A Yes, our ambition is to continue to grow the event so that it is bigger and better every year.

There is great entertainment for the whole family, with rides in helicopters, trucks, Caterham Sevens, hovercrafts, and a 4×4 course. Younger guests can have their first driving experience with the Stay Safe Driving School (age 14 and above), take a fire engine ride!

See the website for the latest news http://thesupercarevent.com/

Q Will the cars be as good?

A Yes, we have a loyal team of Supercar drivers who have already signed-up to participate in the event.

A Will we still be able to purchase passenger rides?

Yes, The Supercar Event is unique because it’s an interactive event where visitors can purchase passenger rides in a supercar and we look forward to being able to offer yet more passenger rides in the future.